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VirtuFon Networks is a provider of Virtual Phone numbers. VirtuFon's WorldFon service allows you to own a local phone number in one of 34 countries. We forward your VirtuFon number to any phone in the continental U.S. or Canada, or to Skype, or to a standard VoIP phone.
WorldFon Service Plan

- 1 phone number in country/city of your choice
- Forwarded to any phone in the U.S. or Canada
- 1000 minutes of talk time per month
- $0.04/minute after that
- Instant activation
Starting at
$5.95 per month
Free 10 Day Trial
How it works
1. A caller in Bulgaria, for example, calls your VirtuFon Bulgarian phone number, and pays only for a local call.
2. VirtuFon forwards the call to your Home, Office, or Cellular phone in the continental U.S. or Canada!